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Live streaming

Without buffers or interruptions

Streaming has now become easily accessible, but this doesn’t mean that quality is generally available. When it comes to live streaming it can be even harder to have fast delivery, without buffers or annoying interruptions.

Content Delivery Network enables us to do just that: deliver content over the internet to those that want to watch live events. Our Live Streaming service is perfect for those who want to transmit video or audio content from festivals, political campaigns, educational events, meetings and many more.

The advantages of live streaming will benefit your business through several means:

Live streaming gives the great opportunity to reach people around the globe simultaneously, thus increasing your audience with whom you will be connected directly

Costs will be reduced considerably not only because live streaming doesn’t require travelling expenses, unlike traditional events, but also because it is cheaper than satellite or microwave broadcast

This service is not only reducing costs, but increasing revenues because you are saving time, achieving results faster, therefore increasing your productivity and profits

There are no limits for your visitors since they can use any device without losing on quality and speed

The technology enables you to gain new viewers and access new markets

We are handling the distribution of your live event and you can focus on the importance of your message

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